Global talent sourcing

As companies grow, their processes and operations become more complex. It also becomes difficult to keep the focus on core functions. In traditional ways, important resources like time, money and people are mostly involved in routine activities. It is essential for a success of any enterprise to have access to skilled human resources and global talent, focus on core functions, reducing overhead expenses and increase capacity.


Revolution in talent sourcing

There is tremendous value to be harnessed by embracing the opportunity of globalization where developing countries have large pool of talent available at considerably low wages. Global talent sourcing is a revolution in today's world as dramatic as industrial revolution a century ago. M5 BizCon is your strategic partner and domain expert in global talent sourcing.


Our service model

We understand every organization has different set of challenges and requirements in rapidly changing world. We have designed truly unique solutions in global talent sourcing to suit your enterprise needs. M5 BizCon offers three variants in services to cater to the needs of global talent sourcing for range of industries. Our service model includes outsourcing, offshoring and ownership.

Outsourcing is vital even integral part of business operations today.

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Outsourcing, since a few years has become an integral part of business operations. We serve outsource contracts, which require work for ongoing management and delivery of a defined set of services within the given timeline and to prescribed level of performance.

Outsource a particular job to us; we'll manage and execute it exactly as you desired. It's as simple as that.

It's not just hiring workers to serve your purpose; it's much beyond it. We first understand the scope of work, design an appropriate solution, proceed with the process transitioning, select the staff as per the scope of work, deploy the right sources, and finally deliver the service.

After all, we want you to focus on your core functions, business development and growth, and leave the rest to us.

In offshoring we offer relocation of services

Offshore services make the best solution when it comes to getting greater flexibility and building stronger decision making ability. Through off shoring, we provide relocation of services through our India office, where your staff will manage and design policies and methods to have more control over daily activities of process. We assure you'll be involved right from selecting the staff, deciding training methods, monitoring the process, and coordinating whenever required. Our team will execute and deliver the service.

This way we're simply an extension to your business, offering you the complete involvement in everything from start to finish.

Are you ready to accelerate your business's growth with our offshore centre in India?

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Offshore Ownership offers end to end consultation

Looking forward to opening your own office in India? We can help. M5Bizcon can provide you with end-to-end consultation on company incorporation, compliances, staffing, process transitioning, and service delivery. Since there are various licenses and compliances involved for the inception of a company, you should not rely on just anyone but a professional expert. With years of professional experience in assisting foreign direct investors, we will guide you on everything that you need to open subsidiaries in India.

Offshore Assistance at every stage of business set up

Choosing a right work place, buying required machinery, recruiting staff, and managing business operations is extremely crucial in early days. If executed properly with expert advice, it can bring tremendous rewards in success of a company. M5 BizCon can help you at every stage of a business set up.

Offshore Ownership advantage

If executed properly with an expert advisor by your side, it can contribute a lot to your business success and bring in tremendous rewards. We are committed to help you at each stage of setting up your business. Right from incorporation to execution, we're there to assist you.

Our all three service models bring you various advantages for your enterprise.

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Cost reduction : Global talent sourcing will benefit your enterprise in huge cost reduction which directly or indirectly contributes in your success. Economies of scale are a major advantage in outsourcing.

Risk sharing : As a strategic partner M5 BizCon shares risk and help your enterprise meet staffing requirements all the time.

Access to Global talent : You get access to highly qualified professionals who can play important role in business transformation and effective execution.

Domain expertise : It's not only about hiring, it is sourcing domain experts for various functions of service delivery

Greater flexibility : We help you to scale up operations quickly by adopting the changing requirements.

Increased capacity : You can increase work capacity by 24x7 and 365 days a year staff availability. It gives your enterprise great competitive advantage in customer service.