About M5 Bizcon

The name M5BizCon reflects the entire profile of our company. While M5 stands for the five significant Ms in the business world, BizCon simply represents the business consultancy

Five M in Business

Man : M5 BizCon plays important role in talent acquisitions to add skilled human force to your business. In rapidly changing business environment, it is difficult to source and meet staffing needs as per the changes of business. Our expertise in this domain helps to keep your business fully staffed as per the changing requirements.

Money : We help you manage this important commodity of the business. Our experienced management team has extensive experience in financial management. We also help businesses in taking care of accounts receivable and accounts payables. 

Method : As a part of business transformation we evaluate the scope of a project. Design unique solutions and streamline the method for continuous improvement of service delivery. 

Material : Whether it is service industry or manufacturing industry, during production process variety of material is used. It is important to be quality conscious and control the wastage. Our domain experience brings us advantage to offer unique solutions.

Machinery : We give end to end solutions for various industries right from choosing machinery as per the capacity requirement.

Our core values


For us trust comes before profits. We are strongly committed for fair business practices, truthfulness and transparency.


We at M5 BizCon always strive to improve ourself. We look for ways to improve every minute details of service delivery.


We understand the need of highest level of efficiency at all levels in business in this global competition.


We strive to achieve common goals by open communication and playfulness. We believe in long term relationships and respect diverse cultures and communities.

Customer service

We focus on clients expectations than our proposition. We understand every business has unique needs and require customise solutions. Our growth is in your business prosperity.


We are committed in all our actions to adhere to our core values. We are committed for continuous improvement , customer satisfaction and growth of your business.

We enable clients to
outperform with our passion

Our Vision

Our Mission and Vision

At M5 BizCon our mission is to grow as a respective organization by delivering best in class business process outsourcing solutions to reduce cost and increase effectiveness of client's business. M5 BizCon intends to be the most reliable channel partner for our client's business by offering cost reduction, increase profitability and commitment in their business growth.

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Our Mission

Our philosophy

We strongly believe in long term relationships and teamwork. Our focus is on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. We value and respect our employees who are a integral part of organisation growth and delivering services. We are committed to make an environment to encourage our employees and to create a strong foundation for their growth. 

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Who we are

M5 BizCon is one of the most preferred BPO, KPO consultant in the industry. Company was formed by industry experts who have extensive experience working in various industries like business process outsourcing, freight bill factoring and online retail. We offer end to end offshoring services to range of industries. M5 stands for 'man, money, method, material and machinery'.

With combination of responsiveness and innovation we take pride in offering unique services to our clients by helping them with expertise in these important aspects of business. We are committed to work in our customer's best interest to build sustainable business relationships. We understand their business challenges and offer comprehensive solutions to reduce cost, increase effectiveness and to give them competitive advantage.

The CEO Speaks...

Welcome to M5Bizcon!
Thanks for taking time to visit us here! We value and care about your visit. Whether you're an employee at M5 or a prospective client, we'd love to hear from you. We're interested in understanding your business needs and this website is nothing but a platform to begin the interaction. We always look forward to lasting relationships with both, employees and customers.
As a part of the M5BizCon family, I welcome you and assure our commitment to achieving growth and success for your business. - Ameya Damle