Talent Acquisition and Recruitment are they identical?

Blog IT Staffing & recruitments 09-Nov-2016

Talent Acquisition and Recruitment are the words which are quite used interchangeably in the Industry, but do they really fall in synonym category, well most of Organizations used them as replacement for other but in reality they are of two different characteristics.

Talent acquisition is not about getting people on-board but placement of candidate and their abilities out of strenuous hiring process as a source to fill alike positions in future. Planned Talent Acquisition process enables Acquisition personnel to get candidate on board even when position does not exist in current time but expected to arise in near future this could be done with the help of management approach or by understanding any pattern of attrition for specific positions in past. 

Let us understand Recruitment Process

It starts with inviting Resume/Curriculum Vitae (CV) for an open position, after invitation suitable or best fit profiles are segregated and are selected. Now Let us go through Talent Acquisition process (It’s all about Talent)

Here the Acquisition personnel is not just focusing on candidate’s educational achievements or experience he/she has got under the belt but the talent that person has got, to be precise it is about making talent work for his/her career after Recruitment process, so that it is nurtured and grown for the individual betterment and Organizational development.

Most of the time recruiter overlooks the talent as the candidate may not have pursued any certification or hold qualification proofs in that area which results in rejection, whereas on other hand TA personnel might give an opportunity to candidate who shows special skills in particular Talent.

What is important for TA personnel is to identify the hidden talent within a candidate and try to strategies that talent for the organizational betterment, at a same time it is very imperative to build relationship with the best of the Talent which will eventually build the network in form of referrals and business connections, this could not only lead to successful business but exchange of knowledge and information which is highly regarded in today’s date.

Now we can easily identify that Recruitment is employer centric and Talent Acquisition is Candidate centric approach and also put forth recruitment as part of Talent Acquisition process.

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By A.S.