Tech Trends in Human Resource

Blog IT Staffing & recruitments 31-Oct-2016

The Tech trends have changed the overall world let it be an example of borrowing grocery to big enterprise procurement, the technology has not just touched us but intrigued our lives to much greater extend.

Decade before Technology was the term which was related to comfort wealthy bracket of population, but today if you see, the Technology is on finger tips of every individuals, let him/her be Rich, Middle Income or Lower Income earning individuals, it has influenced entire world. The Human Resource Industry is also affected with this tech virus, lots of changes have attributed by the officials of this Industry to ease out day to day operations and to enhance the scalability of the role of HR.

How the Technology does help HR? This could be answered with many examples, since lot of activities which were handled by HR had been shrinking, take an example of maintaining dairy for keeping track of meeting, now a simple calendar/meeting invite takes care of it with even reminders, the best way to analyze the use of technology inculcated by HR person is to go back in history and view the desk of HR person, you’ll find many things on desk such as Telephone, Dairy, Reference Books, Pen & Notepad, Calculator, Post it sticker, Desk calendar ,Motivational Quote, Family Photo frame, Files and in some cases File Holder as well and in today’s date you’ll just find a Laptop and a smartphone on desk that’s it, this is how things have vanished into small thin plastic cascade called laptop and even smaller version of it called Smartphone.

The Technology has made foray in our work life with deep impact, as it had benefited us but at a same time it also creates hurdles, for IT recruiter this is sensed on regular basis, the role of IT Recruiter has become more challenging and demanding since every new project in Organization demands workforce, rather in some cases the clients do ask for bench strength required for the project before even project initiates, so it is very imperative for IT recruiter to be on forefront for the job, today it is not less than a combat mission for them, as leniency may cause them a job , which they can’t afford.

On other side the resource are getting into demanding phase, previously the salary package was used to be the reason of discussion, but now-a-days it is also important to know about work environment, facilities for employees, initiatives for employees, R&D of employees, growth path, so because of technology the resource is so informed that they are concerned with all these allied functions as well, keeping all these things in mind recruiter have to work very diligently with resources. Today IT Recruiter should also act like Digital marketer as just posting of job requirement is not going to help them but they need to emphasis on glory of profile and how it will add value to the resource professionally.

A concept of Purple Squirrel has emerged lately; it could be explained in layman’s language as most sought out candidate/resource who fits jobs multifaceted requirement very aptly , The inference is that the perfect fit candidate is as rare as a real-life purple squirrel.

How to trap the Purple Squirrel

As mentioned networking through digital marketing is one of the ways which can help IT recruiters in many ways, engaging with these Purple Squirrels on social platforms, understanding their motivating factor, their choices of articles or likes, one can gauge what could be the interest area of an individuals, basis on which, emails needs to be designed which should be personalized, so that it makes impact on them, make them feel special and above the league, later based on their reply, one has to engage with them personally showing the positives of profile and letting them know the value preposition for them.

The Best Strategy for IT recruiter could be mix of Digital Marketing, Channel Marketing and Direct Marketing, since most of the candidates are netizens, engaging with them on social platform is very crucial, not just at the time of requirements but even on casual times, sharing write-ups, articles & blogs, this will help in creating a rapport and space in candidates mind, so whenever he/she looks for change he/she will think of you as his/her resource.

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