Contract Staffing or Permanent Staffing; what matters “or/and”

Blog IT Staffing & recruitments 18-Nov-2016

           With the change in time and technology it becomes very important to keep up pace with the current trends in market, if one misses the bus, it could be no second chance, therefore business in today’s date are taking word ‘Disruption’ very seriously, they are maintaining the guarding fence for their business operations so that they are lesser impacted with this deadly phenomenon.

For IT Industry the Disruption is no new word, the Industry is very much acquainted with this since 2000 when the dot com burst happened and from that era till today’s fear of Automation, IT Industry is always under the pressure of such uncertain Tsunami’s which takes away everything with it. It is very difficult to live with it on daily basis, yet the IT Businesses are finding some or the other strategies to keep the show running, you can term ‘Digital’ or ‘SMAC’ in that category, these things are widening the scope of operations for IT players to make them sustainable, but is it that easy for them? Not really!

Since the scope of business has shrunk and it is demanding the core expertise from each resource, it is very essential for Human Resource Manager to get onboard a resource which is an asset to the organization from day one, or who is giving optimum return on investment done on his remuneration also the HR has to keep the other costs at bay so that fringe expenses does not occur.

The Projects are getting so complex that to derive profitability out of it has become task for the Project Managers and Management people, very less leverage is available on input costs like Hardware, Databases, License procurement, and other unavoidable cost, keeping in this mind Management always demand for resource who will come with lesser cost but who can perform really well, and this is where the HR Manager gets caught in pinch, for him the best solution is to hire resource according to demand of Project/Assignment in ways of Contract Staff or Permanent Staff.

Who is a Contract Staff?

Resource generally who is hired for a short term project or assignment or who comes with a niche expertise which will be required in Project for a particular time, the Organization finds it easier to hire theses resources as they are only assets to the organization and no long-term liability, as they don’t look for any growth prospects apart from contract renewal.

 Who is Permanent Staff?

This resource is hired by HR Manager to build the employee base of the Organization; they are core of the Organization on which organization flourishes as they look out for growth potential and career stability, they are the one who strengthens the organization by integrating into a team effort for most sought out result for the Organization.

Now the question remains who should be hired for the advantage of Business?

Businesses can gain out of mix-n-match strategy for Contract & Permanent Staff, wherever long term engagement is required Permanent Staff should be engaged and for short term or project/task specific contract staff should be hired, this way undue cost can be reduced which arises in form of Payroll taxes or Insurance aids.

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By A.S.