Opportunities in Hospitality Industry

Travel, hospitality and leisure industry have performed very well in the past year and it is expected to have a robust growth in this financial period as well. Increasing income levels in emerging markets and current global economy brings tremendous opportunities for hospitality. Unlike early days now travellers explore various destinations for corporate travel, adventure holidays, leisure trips and look for luxury and comfort.

M5BizCon Service & Support

Travel and leisure companies are looking to spread their wings in Asian and Latin American market. Hotels are looking for ways of expansion through licensing and travel business is seeking opportunities in global market through joint ventures. M5 BizCon gives strong structured support in performing various tasks to ramp up your business operations. We help you in rapid expansion of your business. We are expert in customer service, sales, handling complaints and client retention.

BPO can be considered as backbone for travel and hospitality sector.

This sector serves clients who look for customised experience. Customer loyalty and repeat sell is greatly dependent on client satisfaction from their first interaction. Online platforms add huge competition where small size and mid-size companies can only stand out with excellence in service. An industry that involves largest number of service jobs takes advantage of business process outsourcing. It gives them great competitive advantage by offshoring sales and support, ticketing and hotel booking to offshore centre in India. We have experienced professionals in hotel and tourism industry who are well verse with industry documentation and procedures.

M5 BizCon services include

M5 BizCon's BPO services can increase efficiency and effectiveness in areas like

Ticketing and hotel bookings

You can offer your clients 24x7 customer support for ticketing and hotel bookings through our offshore centre. We can help you increase room occupancy through our expertise in inbound and outbound sales.


Our sales professionals have long experience in up selling and cross selling in various industries. Increase your revenue through our expertise in up-selling products and services. Hotel and tourism industry has tremendous opportunities in up-selling and cross- selling services.

Customer service

We have a domain expertise in pre-sells and after sells customer service. We focus on customer satisfaction and excellence in customer service. We listen to customerís voice, understand their needs and handle every inquiry with utmost care.

Lead generation

We can effectively help you in generating leads to ramp up sells. This includes extensive efforts in data mining, data analysis, cold calling. Getting right leads will help you in generating new business, save time and increase revenue.

Data mining and analysis

Our data mining process helps you to get extraction of data for better decision making and to make effective strategy and planning.

What makes us different?

  • Extensive experience in Hotel and tourism industry
  • Remarkable domain expertise
  • Competitive pricing
  • 24X7 Outstanding customer support
  • Expertise in cost reduction

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