Challenges in transportation Industry

While you struggle to fulfil competing objectives, it becomes quite difficult to deliver consistently improving customer service at lesser costs. However, it is significantly important if you wish to keep your business going forth in great pace. Especially in the transportation industry, increasing costs and falling margins are among the major challenges. If you're too facing the same problem, it may later become the roadblock to your business success.

24X7 Customer support

Shippers no doubt make an integral part of the transportation industry and they are evolving fast along with the global transportation industry. Digitalization has made them set higher expectations than usual, which might cover shipment pickup and tracking, expedite delivery and processing of documents, after service, and everything that lies in between. Moreover, 24x7 customer support has always to be there. Being a transport business owner, it could be a daunting task for you to manage everything, of course concentrating on your core responsibilities as well.

Offshore your non-core functions

Want operational effectiveness at lower costs, without compromising on the quality? We have the solution. Our assistance can help you speed up your entry to global market!

The transportation industry has several functional areas, out of which around 15% goes to the backend chore. If you really want to implement cost reduction and focus better on your specialized areas, this 15% is what you must consider for offshoring. This will help you achieve immense potential gains and save huge on the wages.

Doesn't it make more sense to outsource non-core tasks? Your employees will handle their job responsibilities and your staff in India will take care of 24x7 support to customers.

M5 BizCon services include

M5 BizCon understands industry challenges and offer unique services.


Handling business inquiries is one of the most basic yet essential tasks because it further forms the path to business generation. And when it comes to transportation companies, the call volume is often huge. Our team can successfully manage inquiry-related conversations, email support, telephone response, information requests, and multilingual voice response. These are time consuming and attention-demanding tasks, and you cannot afford to handle everything but your essential jobs.


A lot of things depend on how you tackle complaints from your customers. Reasonable resolution of complaints makes way for strong and lasting customer relationships. To prove that your brand can be the one that customers can trust, it's essential to efficiently resolve the complaints such as wrong paper work, shipment delay, or after service. We have the resources and skills to do it for you.

Invoice processing

Invoice processing involves tedious documentation wo rk such as bills of lading, freight bills, rate confirmation, landfill scale tickets, del ivery receipts, and other important paperwork. Though each company may have its own invoic e generating process, it's important to incorporate clarity and control in order to get paid on time without any possible short payments. We assure your invoice proc essing is automated and customized.


Facing challenges in collections even after you've d elivered the shipments? Remember, cash flow can either make or break your business and thus, you must not take it for granted just like that! Let us take the stress off y our shoulders so that collections are managed perfectly on time, keeping your cash inflow and business running smooth.

Shipment tracking

There are a few factors affecting the delivery of a shipment but tracking of the shipment assures you are monitoring the process from pickup through delivery. If customers are well informed about the shipment status, it will ultimately reduce complaints at a considerable margin. Our team has sound technical knowledge and experience to accomplish this job.

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