Are you all set for business process transitioning? Looking forward to a smooth, successful transition? It’s time to plan a seamless transition for your business, without hampering the work flow. Even if you have enough of time in hand for the actual process transitioning, planning a transition is never too early because it’s all about setting your business’s next goals and succeeding towards them through a solid plan. A lot of things depend on how you plan the transition and it definitely takes a few years to get everything in place so that it suits best to your post-transition financial situation. But without a clearly defined plan, you might be leaving your personal, professional, and financial future to risk.

We at M5BizCon provide specialized consulting for business process transitioning. Our comprehensive, mature process transitioning methodology is backed by unparalleled experience, unmatched expertise, and industry’s best practices. We specialize in moving business processes from their location to our delivery centers. As a delivery center, we will help you move your routine work processes to our delivery centers, where you and your employees can better focus on core functions and upcoming business expansion. We believe that a managed transition plan lays the foundation of stable business operations and plays a crucial role in enhancing business processes to gain significant benefits. We will guide you through the entire transition so that you can reach the biggest endeavors.


We understand that each business faces a unique set of challenges during transition.

Transition Methodology

An effective transition lays the base of successful outsourcing engagement to someone else. We aim to make your transition process as smooth as possible and strive to reflect a positive change from day one.

This is how our transitioning methodology proceeds.

Assessment of the scope of a project Planning and designing solutions Building client relations Knowledge, technology, and cultural transfer Implementing
Deploying resources at our office Deploying resources at clients’ locations Training Final handover to process managers Quality review

Five Key Phases of the business

Our team works on the transition methodology, we assure they meet all the SLAs and contract parameters, meeting the exact project deadlines. While our process transitioning proceeds, it covers the five key phases of the business and assures process enhancement across each of them.

  1. Project preparation
  2. Project planning
  3. Project execution
  4. Parallel run
  5. Steady state

We guide you about each transition stage and assure you meet the pre-defined success criteria before the final transition of your business process. After all, it’s all about protecting and growing the real value of your business.

Transition Methodology