Overview of our key services

What do you think should be the paramount for businesses in today's fast-paced market? It is none else than the highest quality customer service. We at M5BizCon provide the best customer service solutions to help you meet the evergrowing customer demands and reach a new level of customer satisfaction thereby. But our services range is not limited to customer service and further extends to sales & fulfilment, AR collection, finance & accounting, human resources, and legal process outsourcing.

If you're seeing your business to be at the top a few years later, the legwork must start now. Be consistent in the expertise that you involve in your organization's crossfunctional areas, and rest everything will fall in place. Let us do this legwork for you; we assure your business gains an edge over competitors and reaches much beyond your expectation!

M5 BizCon's best in class customer service can benefit your business in various aspects

Increase customer loyalty
Repeated business
Improved customer satisfaction
Reduce customer complaints
Reduce product replacements

We can achieve this by excellence in communication, regular follow up, responsiveness, handling complaints carefully, understanding customer needs and by continuous focus on customer service.

Sales and Fulfilment (S&F)

Following the conventional S&F process since years? It's high time to surpass the usual sales goals and bring in a change. Today, businesses strive for growth-oriented strategies in the long run, and that's exactly what we can do for you. We will help you upgrade and streamline the S&F process to ultimately generate better revenues. M5 BizCon's sales and fulfilment services can benefit your business in following ways.

Revenue Enhancement

Generate revenue

Revenue Assurance

Up Selling

Revenue Recognition

Cross selling

Revenue Recognition

Turn over inventory

Inbound and outbound sales

Inbound and outbound sales

AR Collections

Accounts receivables - Collections

Accounts receivable (AR) is considered one of the most liquid and largest assets on the books of organizations. It has immense importance in business because a properly managed AR collections portfolio triggers decent cash flow and also supports corporate cash requirements. If you've been looking at AR collections as just one basic function out of many others, rethink! Following functions are taken care by M5 BizCon -

Credit checks and reviewing credit limits
Document verification
Data collection
Payment collection
Payment postings
Maintain and analysis of A/R reports

Human resources

M5 BizCon has years of experience in managing human resources.

Are you lately facing high attrition rate? Do you think your organization's talent pool is gradually shrinking? Is your current team finding it difficult to sustain the employee engagement? If the answer to any one of these is yes, it's time you must outsource your human resources needs to an expert and get everything on the right track. Being an industry expert in recruitment, hiring, payroll, taxes, training, employee benefits, statutory compliance, and help and support, we can help you best in developing a strong work culture with professional employee engagement programs and consultation. We will get the right talent onboard for you, meet your specific staffing needs, develop feasible HR policies, and reduce the attrition level.

  • Getting right talent on board
  • Meet your staffing needs

  • Developing HR policies
  • Reduce attrition level

Why choose us?

  • We follow the principles and practices of global talent sourcing
  • We assure rapid extension and agility

  • We specialize in process transformation
  • We cater to various industry needs with domain expertise
  • Our team strives hard to deliver bespoke solutions

Finance and Accounting (F&A)

Money is one of the most important commodities for businesses and it's hardly possible to have control over your business without having control over the money. But today's over-competitive market throws new challenges every day and organizations have to be on their toes to overcome them effectively. Finance and accounting pros have started realizing the need for a new approach to manage their F&A functions. However, it's not an easy job to drive transformation with desired control, efficiency, and effectiveness. We are experts and can help you with the start-to-finish process transformation. Our services includes