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Recruitment is the core function of Human Resource Management. Recruitment and Selection is the process of hiring right candidate with right skillsets in the right time. Recruitment refers to the overall process of attracting, selecting and appointing suitable candidates for jobs (either permanent or temporary) within an organization.

In this era of globalization, Information Technology (IT) is playing a significant role. All the companies are streamlining their processes with the use of advance technology which keeps updating, thereby creating a necessity to improvise the manpower. Adopting the new technologies is the need of the hour thus hunting right individual with technical know how is very essential. We help in getting such resources as per the requirement.

Sectors that M5BizCon caters

IT Sector

We cater wide range services in IT sector right from Application Development to Technical Support and all its functions.

Non- IT Sector

We have experienced Recruitment Professionals having their expertise in non- IT domain. We cater to wide range of services in diverse categories but are not just limited to:

  1. Human Resources
  2. ITES (Customer Services/ BPO)
  3. Administration
  4. Sales & Marketing
  5. Finance & Accounting
  6. Quality

Who We Are?

We at M5bizcon, extend our HR services in terms of IT Placements. Our motto is connecting talent with opportunities. The team consists of Recruiters who are focussed and are extremely talented. They interact with the Hiring Managers frequently to understand and fulfill their requirements. They believe in maximum number of closures in minimum amount of time. The Recruiment Process that we practice at M5 is very simple.We have a team of dedicated professionals offering the best RPO services. We possess an indepth industry knowledge and are committed in finding the best candidates for our Clients.

Revenue Enhancement

Permanent Staffing

Revenue Assurance

Contract Staffing

Revenue Recognition


Revenue Recognition


Inbound and outbound sales

Offshore staffing

Recruitment Process

The name M5BizCon reflects the entire profile of our company. While M5 stands for the five significant Ms in the business world, BizCon simply represents the business consultancy

Five M in Business

Analysing Requirements : Understanding Client requirement and analysis of Job Description takes place in this phase. Here planning and R&D plays a vital role. Strategies are premeditated here to accomplish the task in the minimum possible time and attain high success rate.

CV Sourcing : Sourcing candidates as per the requirement from various sources like job boards, portals, referrals, existing database are procured. Preliminary screening of profile and information with respect to experience, skillsets, stability and their availability are procured in this phase. 

Telephonic Screening & Conducting Interviews : We assess the sourced profiles on the basis of the KRAs, discuss Designation that will be offered, compensation package, stability, Job Location, scope of future growth and learning curves that can be attained with the company. Personal Interviews are thereafter conducted by our team to assess the competency level. 

Checking relevant Documents / Validation : Discreet reference check of candidates with respect to their previous employment(s) is conducted. Collection of Relevant Certification(s) and Marksheet(s) takes place here to verify the candidates background whether is authentic and genuine.

Conduct tests if necessary : As per Clients requirement, we conduct test at our end to assess the knowledges kill based.

Client Interview : Suitable candidates are shorlisted on the basis of screening and validation. Profiles of such candidates are shared with the Client who can directly assess the capability and competency level of potential prospects.

Rolling offer letter & Followup : Prospective candidate once selected by the Client, we roll out the offer letter, discuss the terms and conditions and the date of joining. This is the last phase of the process but we continue to maintain our relationship with the finalized candidate to ensure smooth functioning of on boarding process with the organization.

Why choose us?

  • Team is highly qualified for selective and and targeted candidate sourcing.
  • Reduced recruitment cost, cost per hire is low

  • Time savingincrease in speed of hire
  • Pool of existing database of active candidates for future recruitment
  • Quality hiring

  • Hassle-free Solutions

  • Ethical Practices & Compliance

  • Focussed on delivering results

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We provide End to End Recruitment services to our Clients. We act as an extension of your organization’s hiring team to fulfill the recruitment needs. We source, screen & shortlist the right candidates at our end as per your job specifications. We provide the best candidates from the pool of candidates so that you can conduct the final technical round at your end directly. Thus outsourcing your requirements will save your hiring time enabling an increase in productivity. We offer customized outsourcing solutions as per our Clients needs to manage the entire gamut of HR Operations.








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